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Salutations from New U.S.A. League!

The Competitive Underground Jugger League is just beginning its second pre-season now and we are excited to share news of it with the International Jugger community. We are an American jugger league located in St. Louis, Missouri in the U.S. midwest. Last year was our first full season and it went really well. We plan on making the upcoming season even bigger and better!

The C.U.J.L. is different in many ways from the most of the other jugger leagues in our rules and our methods. The most obvious difference in our league is that we play with rattan weapons "padded" with knobby bike tire and therefore we wear protective gear, mainly hockey, lacrosse and American football pads and helmets. With the protective gear we are able to include strikes to the head in our rules. We take plenty of bruises but overall it's pretty safe. There are plenty of other differences in the details of our rules but we also share plenty of commonalities with other jugger leagues... we LOVE the movie, Salute of the Jugger (Blood of Heroes for us here) and we love the game! More details on the C.U.J.L. can be found at

We are really impressed with how well many of the leagues out there have grown and how well they are organized and run. We hope to someday have even just a fraction of the success you've had!

We're only in pre-season practice and scrimmage right now and wont be starting the full-on competitive season until June. We meet every Saturday from 1-4pm at this location. Here's a few pictures to to give you all a look: