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Mediziner-Gruppe auf Turnieren / Medics on Tournaments: Ordo physicorum

Nachdem Sanis auf Turnieren nur das Nötigste tun (müssen), es aber mit Zerrungen, Muskelkrämpfen oder auch einfach Unsicherheit bei Beschwerden durchaus darüber hinaus Bedarf gibt, würde ich gerne mal nachhören, wer von Euch mit medizinischem Hintergrund dabei wäre, sich als solcher auf Turnieren zu erkennen zu geben -- mittels (schicker Name muss sein, ist ja klar) des Ordo physicorum. Nach dem Motto: "Ich bin in bestimmten medizinischen Bereichen kompetent, Ihr könnt mich gern fragen, wenn Ihr entsprechende Beschwerden habt". 

In English: Currently, I am working on founding a nation-wide "tournament medics" group. Folks who are competent in different areas of health may "advertise" that through membership, at tournaments and so be visible as advisers if players are in need (from sprung ankles to muscular pain and such). They are no replacement for standard paramedics!
Could be interesting on an international level as well. I think YouTube does do automatic translations for subs (well does it?).

⇒ YouTube: Vorstellungsvideo

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ordo physicorum [jugger]

Master Chain Players of the Jugger World: Show your Moves

UPDATE: It is done! Watch the video.

A call to all Master Chain players in Jugger: Uhu is currently collecting takes of the best chain player moves, to assemble them in a chain masterclass video. Read the twitter post

We already have received a number of excellent clips, but it is still time for more—so if you are a master chain, grab your spar and send your favourite special moves! See Uhus Learn the Chain 101 Class for Beginners as an example below (though the techniques there are repeated for training purposes).

Anti-Chain techniques will also follow ... later!

Tech details: 720p landscape, zoom in on player, each technique front and one side, around 10 seconds per take; mp4 link via Mediafire, Google Drive etc. is fine.  

Some New Jugger Training Tutorials

For those who seek inspiration and advice for their Jugger trainings, there are some new videos out on YouTube.

What is Jugger [ver 1.0]

After 12 years, and 30 years after the release of the movie "Blood of Heroes", the original What is Jugger introduction video (ver. 0.85a) has been completely redone and now went live as What is Jugger 1.0, on YouTube

A Complete Training

In  Jugger Coach: Uhus Jugger Tutorials XI, a complete training session is presented as a quick walkthrough, featuring techniques from warm-up, individual skill training up to team training and team building.

 A Comprehensive Guide to the Basics 

Also, a new tutorial series has surfaced recently: "Der Königsweg" by Peter's Pawns features comprehensive and pointed, well-made focus tutorials on certain aspects, starting with the base stance for differnt spars types. Language is German, but it's absolutely worth to check it out! 

Addendum: Commented Finals at Deutsche Meisterschaft 2019 by Jugger Masterclass

Okay, this is not a training tutorial by itself, but it is brilliantly done: A professional sports channel-looking recording, including SloMos and live comments, of the DM 2019 Finals  in Berlin. Ansolutely worth watching and a good way to learn by the techniques of these two top-level Jugger teams! 

Embedded videos in the Extended Entry view ...

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Women and Jugger

In the words of Maka: "We gathered some testimonies of female players of Jugger, regarding their experience as women in the sport. This is what they had to say." This is not only a brilliant video, it also fits perfectly: I am currently planning an Uhus Jugger Tutorials about training aspects in regard of teh specific needs of women. If you have any expertise on that, you are welcome to share your knowledge for the UJT.

testing: Aikido Jo techniques for the Q-Tip

People often wonder how effective martial arts experience would be in Jugger. Frankly, I don't know. So let's try to apply it. In this video, I transferred Aikido Jo techniques to the Jugger Q-Tip.