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World Jugger Confabulatio, WCC 2020 in Berlin

+++ POSTPONED +++ The Confabulatio should be held at the WCC 2021, as the WCC 2020 has ben cancelled due to Corona. +++

The Jugger World Club Championships 2020 in Berlin is promising to become be the greatest #Jugger event by far.

Jugger e. V.With 128 team slots, 109 registered teams from 11 nations already a few days after the opening of the registration, this tournament is promising to become a magnificent milestone in Jugger history. 

This offers the unique opportunity to the Jugger communities of most active countries to get together and speak about topics you feel important to the sports of Jugger -- not filtered through Social Media, but live and in the flesh.

This meeting is not about setting any rules or regulations, but to offer inspiration, discuss rules, learn about other points of view, and generally to exchange thoughts.


Topics are not yet fixed. Here are some that we most probably will take up -- list is still open:

  • Development: Main hindrances and boosts in Jugger development of your country

  • International Jugger rules: Core differences, chances, (no?) need and will to equalize them

  • Refereeing: Approaches to reffing in different countries

  • The International Jugger Council: Role and development up until then (possibly with a report by the IJC board members themselves)

Planning Stage

We are currently in the planning stage. Both date, time and the exact location remain to be set, but it will take place during one of the regular WCC tournament days. 

The Meeting 

We know that many of you have had long journeys to get to the WCC. We will take this into considerations as best as we can do, and want to achieve a relaxed, but focused atmosphere so that you will profit from this unique opportunity.

This "general World Jugger assembly" will take place at an evening after the regular matches. Each team is invited to send one representative to the assembly; maybe even two, if the location allows.  Since we expect between 80 and 130 participants (at least), we will work hard to ensure a professional technical background with both microphones and livestream. More details later.

We will discuss a choince of topics (see below) inside a hard time frame for each topic, so that you still will have time to enjoy the evening with your fellow Juggers.

Submitting a Topic, Call for Papers

We want to encourage you to submit topics that you would like to see discussed at that meeting. A choice of these submissions will make it into the meeting. Please submit your request either through the Facebook event page, or through sending it through Uhu's contact form. Please keep it short and simple.

You are welcome, though, to attach a link to a PDF with details about your topic, which will be made available publicly along with the list of topics.

It is our goal to let the players vote for which topics should be discussed.  More about the procedure how topics are chosen later.

Organizational stuff (and staff)

[Facebook event page]

[WCC tournament information and team registration]

For the Jugger e. V., the World Jugger Confabulatio is organized by the Uhu, honorary member of the club.  He will also be the moderator at the meeting, having extended experience in leading even international discussions and meetings.

Please don't hestitate to contact him [link to contact form] if you have topic requests, any questions about or suggestions for the meeting. Please do not use Facebook messenger for this, since those messages might be lost. 

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