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Jugger Rulebook Archives Update 2022

International Jugger Rulebooks ArchivePlease drop us your updated Jugger rulebooks for the International Jugger Rulebook Archive. First has been Svenska Juggerförbundet with their Swedish Jugger Rulebook v. 2.1, now also available in English! 

If your country has updated their rules as well, please drop us a link to the PDF* so that we can keep the archives updated. Thanks! 

*) Usage terms: Creative Commons or explicidly allowed to use for archive reasons by the IJB, of course

Jugger-Visitenkarten für den Druck (Download)

This is about German templates for Jugger cards.

Jugger-Visitenkarten VorlageLeute gucken Euch interessiert beim Training zu? Ihr erzählt Freunden von Jugger, sie vergessen aber zu schnell, was das nochmal gewesen ist?

Um Interessierten etwas in die Hand drücken zu können, mit dem sie sich schnell und einfach über Jugger informieren können, habe ich 4-seitige Visitenkarten gemacht: Sie lassen sich einfach einstecken, verknicken nicht so leicht und nehmen keinen Platz weg. Trotzdem bieten sie viel Information.
Die vorliegenden Versionen habe ich für die Jugger-Gemeinschaft angepasst. 


Variante a. QR-Code zu dem 5-Minuten-Regelerklärvideo
Variante b. Blanco zum einkleben/schreiben Eurer eigenen Trainingszeiten, Webadresse usw.
Beide Varianten bieten auf der Rückseite unten ein aufgehelltes Feld für Eure Kontaktdaten.

[Download (ZIP-Archiv mit 2 druckfähigen PDFs)]

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German Jugger Association is forming

Germany has been the very first country where Jugger has evolved into real-world sports. Yet until today, there is no assocation of any kind which would stand for Jugger in Germany; instead, we have the rulekeeper comittee, a Jugger League council, local league councils, and the German forums. 

Recently, the discussions from 2011 about whether or not to form an association has come up again, accompanied by a survey, and kindled -- finally -- the forming of a national association. Nothing is set yet, but talks are intensifying.

Read more at the blog (in German). 

International Jugger Council's Website online

The International Jugger Council, a recently formed body with representatives from many Jugger countries, has now published their website. Visit it to get help and information about international Jugger questions, and to gain access to the Council's Discord Server; it is not only for council members, but open to everyone to chat about international Jugger topics! 

Here we go:  

The History of Jugger

The history of the sports of Jugger is quite interesting. It started in two areas of Germany independently around 1993, as far as we know.  The two branches had their differences, which then fruited the first communal rulebook in 2007. Arund 1992, there has been an US LARP version, but that didn't seem to take hold. 

Lester, the founder of the Berlin branch, has done a nice poster about the Jugger timeline (see this IJB article). Uhu published interviews with "first Juggers" in his second Jugger book, albeit in German. Uhu also discusses the history of Jugger in this Uhus Jugger Tutorials (at 14:06).

The Jugger Rulebooks Archive also sheds some light on the development of this sports. Maximilian did a nice timeline of Jugger books illustration there:

International Jugger Rulebooks