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The International Jugger Blog: Reject Fascism

foreword: I hope this post is OK for all current editors of The International Jugger Blog. I felt it necessary because of some discussions, see below.
jugger against Fascism (patch image)
Fascism is not just another political point of view.
Fascism is not a joke.
Fascism is not history.
But well learn of fascist history.

Fascism, and its associated ideologies like Nazi/Neonazi ideologies, negates basic human rights. It is responsible for the death of millions of millions of people, in Germany alone for over 6.000.000 (!) Jews being murdered just for their belief, or just for being what they were; in addition to so many others murdered for their belief, sexual orientation or political engagement. Look it up in the history books.

There is no way we can tolerate such an ideology. This is not a matter of left-wing bearings or similar. This is a duty to anyone respecting human rights.

Politics should not be intermixed with sport. But especially in extremist tendencies, an intermixing is inevitable. So "Politics has nothing to do with sports" does not solve, merely ignore the problem in this case. And ignoring all too quickly equals accepting.

The International Jugger Blog hereby states that it, as well as anyone posting entries on it (at least after 11-24-2011), declares that he or she stands for tolerance, democratic tenets and human rights.
The founder and chief editor of the Blog, Uhu, in November 2011

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jugger against Fascism (patch image)

You will find this post as a permanent page at .
Reason for this declaration is a discussion on a Spanish Jugger team, ⇒found here at the Jugger forum.

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3 ... 2 ... 1 ... Happy new Year 2008 - lots of dogskulls for You!

Let's start into a new year full of dogskull hunting, new teams popping up everywhere, a stunning almost-to-be-called world championship at the 13th/14th of September in Berlin (all countries with active and known Jugger teams will be present) and lots of fun, of course!

Not more to be said at this point, really, party is waiting.

Testlauf - testing

One, two ... one, two ... testing ... one, two ... testing ...

This is a try to create a central platform for the Jugger teams around the world to write about their sports events and news, using multi-user Weblog software.

Testlauf eines redaktionsbasierten Weblog-Systems, an dem die "Jugger-Gemeinde" teilnehmen kann ... Layout ist nur schnell zweckdienlich erstellt und soll noch verbessert werden ...

What is this about?

One, two ... one, two ... testing ... one, two ... testing ...

This is a try to create a central platform for the Jugger teams around the world to write about their sports events and news, using multi-user Weblog software.

It was today* in the famous Hasenheide in Berlin-Neukölln (that's where, according to mass media, cars are burning on the streets ... never saw one in seven years, in fact - except far away in Friedrichshain, which is a rather rich and bohème district of Berlin), when a new idea startet rattling around anxiously in El Uhus little skull, and wanted to get OUT and roam the free range of the digital world: Why not build a truly multi-editor platform for all those Juggers out there who show their great games all on separate Websites?

There are international Jugger cathegories at Youtube for Vids, and another one at flickr for pics, also there is an international forum - but there is no central place to let the others around the world know what a stunning move the Qwik** did at the last tournament, that a new team has formed in a neighbouring city, or to hack pure adrenalin of hunting a dog's skull into the shape of an article.

So a Weblog was the first choice at hand, and since Serendipity handles multi-user functions quite well, I thought, why the hell not trying it?

And so, two hours later, after almost crashing the database of another project on my server (on setup, Serendipity uses the same praefix of database tables by default, a fact I didn't keep in mind due to that idea still prodding hell out of my brains ...), I had the first international Weblog on the famous sports of Jugger up and running. Needless to say, I am grateful for any link to this blog, especially from Jugger pages :-)
Let's see how it progresses - it's up to the Jugger community now.

22.9.07: I am happy to announce that I got Adam for the Australian Jugger League and Esge for the Danish Juggers (Skullfight) to edit the entries of their teams/countries for this weblog.
Aslo I will try to get some Germans and the Irish to take part, too.

*) 20th September 07, somewhere around 19.30 :-)

**) "Qwik" is the correct spelling, at least so it is written by the director of the movie himself and in the credits of the film.